Homesickness Among Other Things

I haven’t been posting much recently because of school taking over and trying to rule the world, haha. . . .

Being away from home and the people you love really does make you realize how much you relied on that feeling. I’m currently studying abroad, and, even though it’s only been a few months, I frequently miss the people I could see back home.

Here, the water isn’t safe to drink from the tap and the air isn’t as clean. It is a lovely place, though, and the people are kind and quite blunt, to be honest. It can be entertaining to hear them say things to others’ faces that nobody would really do back home.

For a while, I relied on maintaining contact with a few of my friends to keep the loneliness at bay, but now that they’ve become busy and gone off to do other things, I feel a bit at a loss. I know what I should do and what I am doing, but when it comes to the time I have alone to myself, I start feeling. . . sad.

It’s funny because I’ll actually be returning home quite soon, but I think that I’ll also miss this place and the people I was able to get to know here.

One of the things that has always made me feel sad in the past is when people I know leave one by one, and I think that’s part of what makes me feel this whole thing is somehow more impactful.

It’s a form of change, I guess. Changes in the people you know or are around and the environment you live in. There’s still so much I want to do, but when it comes down to it I find myself stalling and choosing to rest.

It’s the stress, I think.

Classes now are much more difficult than before (although, maybe a Physics class or two could pass the difficulties of these ones up by a few levels).

Sleep is also rather rare and hard to get. Part is, as usual, a result of the temptation to fool around and avoid what you’re supposed to be doing, but the other bit really just comes down to work load.

Still, all you students out there, 8 hours of sleep is important! Getting close to that and keeping it consistent feels amazing (I say as I’m not getting that much sleep, haha).

Back to homesickness, for everyone it’s different, really.

Some people get it within the first few weeks or months of being away from home. Others, like me get hit after almost a year, if not more.

When we came here, we were given many warnings to watch out for the impact of culture shock. However, I haven’t really felt that so much as just missing home.

So, yeah. If you are leaving home soon, make sure to wish those you care about well, say goodbye and don’t do anything you’ll regret later.

Since I have a ton of pictures from here, I’ll see if I can post a few of those with the next post to make up for the blankness of this one. ; )

Although, thinking about it, this post isn’t exactly cheerful, trust me. Life is still beautiful and full of interesting things like delicious foods! Pity so much of it is so far away. . . . //gestures vaguely

I’ll try not to forget about those pictures, this time. lolol



Well, it has been quite some time since I last posted here, I do believe.

I’m not sure if I have the time to keep this blog up with posts as frequently as I used to do (which I do believe I mentioned before), but I think I will definitely still pop up once in a while just to talk.

The place I moved to has much colder weather than my hometown. But, unfortunately, the tendency of the people to turn the air conditioning down to 70 degrees Fahrenheit or lower remains the same.

Please, it’s too cold.

Relish in the warmth while you still have it! At least try and stick around 74!

. . .

. . . .

It really is too cold. Funniest thing is, it’s a decent temperature outside. Somewhere around my aforementioned and much preferred 74 degree weather.

It’s also been nice and sunny almost every day, which I’m not sure whether I should be happy about, or resentful of the fact that I have to squint my eyes when I go outside. Even with sunglasses it still hurts!

I think I may need to invest in a better pair, but who knows~!

As for interesting or thought provoking things to say, I really don’t have any today!

Sorry if you were hoping to see me talk about something other than the weather, and I hope you all have a good day! 😀

Annnnnnd I forgot to publish, probably because I forgot pictures, so now this is months later! Anyway, pictures next post, not this post because it is now below freezing and wish it’d go back to around 50F. . . .

I still hope you all have a good day (months later)!

Surprise! Summer is Stressful

Hello, hello!!!

Mostly writing now to tell you all I am still alive!!

So far summer break has been quite interesting. There was the usual traveling to visit relatives and then the whole family reunion thing sometime early July….

To my great misfortune, this lovely thing known as forms decided to reappear in my life and there were quite a few of those to do…. Although I say that, there weren’t really all that many, but it was stressful while it lasted!

My mediocre efforts to get a job have been for naught because of the realization that there is a lot of cleaning to do, and I mean A LOT.

So instead I have mostly turned around and focused on finishing up my plans and trying to dispose of the majority of my stuff in order for moving to proceed smoothly.beach

Ah, yes. I am moving.

Switching states and timezones too, which is exciting. Although, I’m not too thrilled about driving all the way there (sounds tiring) and getting to my new location around 6am (because there’s this important thing called orientation that I have to get to on time).

Anyways, so far it has all gone smoothly, despite the fact that the floor of my room has steadily grown more and more cluttered….

It is better, you know? The problem is I took things out of my drawers so it looks worse than before….

Luckily, there is this convenient technique known as stacking, so as long as there are no earthquakes in the area anytime soon (as far as I know, there have never been any earthquakes in my present state, but who knows? Anything is possible.), it should all be fine.

So, what are my plans? To do a bit of writing, maybe, to try and post something on my secondary blog (yes, I haven’t forgotten about it yet, just haven’t had the time to post anything), and to finish packing and disposing of all the extra clutter my natural hoarder personality has picked up over the years and clung to as if they were national treasures.

I’m also thinking about pestering a few of my friends, so look forward to it you guys!That’s all for now, see you later!



So… this is meant to be the last “assigned” post for me. However, as I cannot think about anything in particular to say, I will just focus on my thoughts.

When I first started out, I was a bit of a chicken about my blog, and even though I wrote a lot, I didn’t really put much effort in.

Then, when I started to realize how fun it was to turn “English homework” into a monologue, I started adding in more pictures and more of my own personality and information about my life, turning into the occasionally strange and (hopefully) entertaining posts you can read today.

So, my question for you all is… what now?

What to do with a blog that you all have spent so much of your own time on.

Discard it? That would be a waste, but I’m sure many of you will.

Replace it? Starting over is always hard, so often people give up halfway when doing that.

Keep it going? Also hard, it is difficult with all the things in real life to keep up with a single blog and to keep posting.

I, personally, plan to make an effort to continue this blog, even if I will focus even more solely on my own interests and hobbies (like continuing to write (and edit) that story). Maybe I will criticize some book or movie I read/watched recently or not so recently… who knows?

I guess a lot of the hard things come after you achieve independence.

Goodbyes and Hellos

As one of my final assigned blog posts, I was supposed to write a valediction.

In the dictionary, a valediction is “a statement or address made at or as a farewell”. In other words, a fancy way to say goodbye.

But here’s the thing. What’s there really to say goodbye to? I mean, after high school comes college, after college, comes (maybe) graduate school, and then is… life.

As it is, many of us will end up in the same school. The majority of us will even be attending a college right here in our own town. Even for those of us leaving… most will still have family here, and even if that isn’t true for you, don’t tell me you don’t have the numbers, emails, or social media information of all your friends (and even some of your enemies).

If anything, we are all saying goodbye to our school and our past lives. The wonderful teachers that we will miss and the not-so-wonderful ones that we won’t…. Places where memories were born, friendships were made, and much of your own present identity discovered.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: In life, don’t focus so much on your goodbyes because you’ll have to say so many more of them as the years go on; instead, look to the future. Look forward to the new people you will meet (both interesting and annoying), look forward to your new teachers, your new boss, make plans to go places you’ve never been, experience things you’ve never done….

Live a good life and, when you get tired of all that, go back to your old friends, your family, and maybe even come back here, see your old school, visit your old teachers…. More often than not, you’ll find many things exactly the same as before you left, and many things will be different as well….

As the saying goes, “friends are forever”, just like family, and your relationships with others can last just as long.

Saying goodbye is always painful. Saying hello is usually terrifying.

But, combine the two and you’ll get something new that will add color and complexity to your life. From everywhere you go, the the people you meet, and the things you experience, you will discover details that will allow you to grow and change, paving the road you walk for the rest of your life.

So, I’m not going to say goodbye….

Hello, everyone, I wish you well. Live a good life, be happy, don’t let your bad experiences get to you. And to those in my classes (and many who are not), even if I don’t know you well, I’ll miss you.


A Pair of Shoes

So… I was going to fix Chapter 1 before I got to this, but… yeah….

For clarification, this is a continuation of Trains—which I will fix at a later date so that it is less of a rough draft and more of a proper chapter—and is not just some random story placed dropped here.

Anyway, hope you guys like it~

When I was younger, my mother told me to always take good care of my shoes.

Part of it was a result of her family’s history—her parents had been too poor to afford a carriage, but earned enough money that they didn’t starve—and the rest of it was that it was just good manners.

“Take care of your things,” she always said, “and people will take care of you.”

Now, it sounds a bit strange, but when you think about it, it really makes sense. Centuries ago, clothing was more dependent upon look than practicality, with lace and layers and layers of fabric. Even today its not much different, but at least its lighter!

I stopped at the top of the steps as I thought and the people behind me swore as they struggled to get out of the station and back above ground, only to find a tall skinny twig of a girl in their way.

“Pardon me.” I apologized to those behind me and moved aside, allowing the river of people to flow back onto the streets, impatient from being trapped like sardines in the moving metal can of a subway.

The subway is actually quite sophisticated today, however, there is never enough space for everybody to have enough space to breath. The troubles of living in the largest and most populated city of the world, I guess.

I leaned against the wall of the station, waiting for my eyes to adjust as the people streamed by and continued my thoughts.

“Shoes, huh…. Hmm….” I looked down at my own pair of tattered boots and sighed. “I guess I probably need a new pair….”


Hearing someone calling me, I looked up from my sorry pair of shoes to see my best friend and engineer extraordinaire coming toward me.

“Hey, Nat.” I greeted her cordially.

“Psh. Don’t be like that~!” She playfully hit me in the shoulder, before slinging an arm around my neck. “Come on! We still haven’t finished testing that ship I told you a customer wanted me to fix!”

“You still have it?” My eyes lit up in excitement at the thought.

“Mhmm! Of course!” She ruffled my hair, making it messier than it already was. “Alright, I know you’re probably just as excited about this as I am, so let’s go!”

“Alright!” I smiled happily, shoes forgotten and other serious thoughts forgotten, and we went off together to the testing fields.

For some reason, I feel like I’m forgetting something….

*painting: Vincent van Gogh’s “A Pair of Shoes”


Setting the scene: You’re in a train station. A train arrives, but it’s not the one you’re waiting for. As you watch a few people come and go, you notice a strange scene in the last car of the train. Only two people are inside–a young man and an older woman. They appear to be having a very animated discussion. The young man is clutching a large box to his chest. The woman is wearing a bizarre hat and holding a large map, which she continues to turn this way and that.

“Donmie, I swear this is the right station. See? Isn’t that it right there?”

“Grandma….” The young man let out a deep sigh.

“Don’t look at me like that, young man! After all, I am still your grandmother, whether you like it or not!”

“Yes, Grandma.”

The grey-haired lady stepped off the train, and I saw her dress was one of the old-fashioned governess types of dresses, but shortened to just below the knees so you could see her tall high-heeled leather boots. She wore a tall top hat with a flower-like pile of black lace on the left side that partially draped down to her shoulder.

The young man hurrying behind her wore an old fashioned brown cap with matching brown overalls and a plain white button-up shirt. His shoes were worn leather and all that brown really made him blend into the background. He might have disappeared completely if not for the unusual style of his clothes.

“Grandma, wait! We don’t-”

“Ah!” The lady interrupted her grandson with an interjection of surprise, turning to me. “Young lady, would you happen to know where Main Street is?”

“Um… yes…. Just go up those stairs on the left and take a right. It’s a block after you pass Flight Station.”

“Why thank you, dear.” The lady smiled at me gratefully, before turning to her grandson.

“See? That’s how you do it, Donmie!”

“Grandma…” He sighed again.

“Don’t sigh at me! I’ll ground you! You’re never too old to be grounded you know?!” She grabbed his ear and twisted it.

“Ow ow ow! Sorry, I’m sorry!”

“There’s a good boy.” She patted him on the head like he was still a young child, then turned to me again.

“My name is Ogaano Seraph, what’s yours, dear?”

“It’s Gideon ma’am. Gideon Rose.” I answered, slightly intimidated by her presence.

“Gideon, when you have time, please drop by the Seraph Manor. It’s right off of Left Lane Shoulder.”

“Yes ma’am.” I bowed my head slightly as she began to walk away.

“Oh yes,” she turned back around and I straightened up. “Careful of the time rift.”


Don’t come at me with knives and pitchforks yet, there will be a continuation. Just not right now, since I’m pretty tired. I will also come back and edit in some pictures to help with the setting!

I’m thinking of making this story into several installations (like a series), so please look forward to it!

Signing off~ The Author :3